Dear Jr. High Ministry Students & Families,


            As I’m sure that you are aware, due to the current Coronavirus outbreak, Pastor Jack and the main sanctuary services have transitioned to a fully-online format during this time. Pastor Jack will continue to teach through his current messages in 2 Peter and the Why series.


You can tune in to the live services on:

CCCH Website


Facebook (you do not need an account for this) —


            With this said, we are choosing to look at this as a new and exciting way to meet the needs of our students and families. Although ministry may not take place in the traditional face-to-face format, we have the amazing gift of technology in order to continue in our commitment to you and your students. Jr. High Ministry is still available during this time- it will just look different. We are currently looking into providing various online resources, conversation starters, Bible study programs, and more.


            Going forward, we encourage you to watch the main sanctuary service streams with your student and see this as an opportunity to open up communication between you and your child. We encourage you to engage in a family discussion regarding what is being taught. This is an amazing opportunity for your student to grow in understanding the heart and teaching style of our senior pastor, with your guidance to direct them. We know that one day, they will be sitting in those main sanctuary seats, and we are excited to be able to continue to lay the foundation of what that may look like for them.


            Due to all of the changes, our Spring Break events have, unfortunately, been cancelled. If you have prepaid for these events, we will be contacting you shortly regarding a refund.


Much of our daily communication going forward will be through Instagram, so please follow along @ccch_jh for updates and resources. If your child does not have a phone or an Instagram account, we would like to encourage you to allow them to use your account for the time being so that they can access the resources that we will be providing.


            During this time, we would also like to encourage your family, and your Jr. High students in particular, to showcase the Lord’s love by going above and beyond for those around you. This may look different for each student, but a nice note, plate of cookies, or offer to mow a lawn for a neighbor, grocery shopping for people that you know cannot go out right now, or even being extra-kind to a brother or sister that you are now spending a lot of time with brings glory to God.


            If you are in need, physically, spiritually, or otherwise, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are happy to see how we can attempt to meet your family’s needs during this time where many things are uncertain.


In Him,

Jr. High Ministry